Information for Shippers:

Ultimately the shipper is responsible for understanding the process and terms and conditions that apply their shipment.  

Critical concepts and information applicable to most shipments
  1. chargeable weight
  2. terms, conditions and limitations
  3. hazmat
  4. insurance
  5. packing and handling
  6. pallets
  7. mattresses, box springs, bed sets 
  8. televisions (too large for parcel services and requiring freight shipment)
  9. credit card authorization
  10. quotes - details of services offered on quotes
  11. barrels  -  pickups & drop offs

Shipping process for types of shipments:

  1. air express
  2. air cargo / air freight
  3. LTL - truck freight
  4. ocean LCL - less than container
  5. ocean container - FCL
    1. sizes
  6. ocean RORO - vehicles
  7. importing goods into the USA
  8. household goods / personal effects / residential moving 
    1. (full page for shippers)
  9. pickups - drivers use of mobile phones are restricted by law
  10. knock down crates
  11. full service moving estimates

Payment Options


unit conversions, pickup procedures, terminal drop-offs,  tracking,  arrival and delivery  customs clearing, international destination fees, VAT & duty,  payments, credit, forms