Shipping Mattresses, Box Springs or Bed Sets

A bed set will typically have 4 pieces.  If it were a king sized the estimate of the weight and measure of the pieces might be:
  • mattress and box springs: 80 x 78 x 24 inches, 130 lbs  (sometimes each will be in their own box - 80 x 78 x 12 mattress at 90 lbs, box spring or springs at 80 x 78 x 12 or 80 x 39 x 12 inches) and 40 lbs or 20 lbs each 
  • bed frame: 84 x 16 x 6 inches, 50 lbs
  • headboard: 80 x 48 x 5 inches, 30 lbs
The pieces will be boxed.   They do not have to be palletized for shipment.

Used Mattresses, Box Springs or Bed Sets
  • the mattress should be bagged (as in the bags found at Uhaul and/or boxes such as at ecoBox) and then shrink wrapped
  • the frames need to be boxed or wrapped in cardboard and then shrink wrapped

Mattress Carriers
  • canvas  use with a plastic mattress bag and shrink wrap for shipping
  • tarp bag -  slides nice for easy moving and good protection - p 34 of catalog