Shipping Televisions    (CAUTION !!!)

We frequently receive requests to freight televisions by domestic truck or international air.  

1.   Most domestic freight carriers will require that the boxed LED/LCD television be placed on a pallet. Unless you custom cut your own pallet, they will typically strap it to a 48.40 inch pallet resulting in the width of your shipment being a 40 inches rather than 8-12 inches and at the same time adding 5-6 inches of height.   

EXAMPLE:  50*36*10 inch box @ 40 lbs is now 80 lbs of actual weight (40 lb pallet plus boxed TV) plus a chargeable weight of 50*40*42 / 166 = 506 lbs.  The result will be at least a doubling of the freight charges.

2.  crating is a preferred option, but can significantly increase the actual weight by 60-100 lbs.  Even with a crate a LED/LCD can show arrive at destination looking fine until it is plugged in and the viewer discovers a line running down the screen possibly due to vibration in transport.

3.  air cargo will accept boxed televisions, but at the very least you want to use the original packing, a shipping box designed for a television or a crate.   

AFFORDABLE CRATE OPTION:  cut 1/4 inch plywood the length and height of the inside of the television box and slip inside the cardboard front and back.   It will add less weight than a crate, but add significant protection for the screen.  We actually require this for any screen leaving our terminal and going overseas.

4.  INSURANCE:   Most freight policies have a deductible of $300-500 USD.   If you ship a used $1000.00 television, expect the adjuster to reduce the claim significantly based upon depreciation and then by the deductible.

5.  Shipping with other cargo:   placing a boxed television on a pallet and surrounding it with boxes, bags and suitcases will also significantly reduce the probability of damage.