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Terms, Conditions and Limitations of Rates, Estimates, Quotes and Carriage

Domestic and International Shipments:

Chargeable weights apply. Please note that chargeable weights are applicable to the following shipments:

  • Air Freight - International and Domestic - (11 lbs / 6 kg) per cubic foot;

  • Express Air Parcel (UPS, FedEx, DHL & US Postal) - (13 lbs / 7 kg) per cubic foot;

  • Domestic Trucking - (11 lbs / 6 kg ) per cubic foot

  • Ocean, Less than Container (LCL) - (32 lbs / 15 kg) per cubic foot;

The accuracy of weights, dimensions and description of cargo: Please ensure you have accurate dimensions and weights entered for your shipment. Each carrier has different maximum weights and volume limits per shipment. Penalties will be incurred if your shipment is re-weighed or measured and found to be larger than the carriers' allowable volume or weight limit. This Quote is based on the weight and measure provided by Customer (the "quoted weight") and is not valid and is subject to change if the weight at tender varies from the quoted weight.

Packaging. You are responsible for packaging your shipment in a manner to withstanding the ordinary perils of transportation. If the shipment is a an import/export it should be appropriately packed in conformance with standards and regulations of the country(s) of import and export and any carriers or providers. You should clearly and fully identify your shipment on the shipping documents. You warrant to us that your shipment is not poisonous, toxic, or any type of hazardous material and you agree to indemnify and hold transport agent and carriers harmless in the event you breach this warranty.

Insurance is not included unless specified. Please review our insurance policy page and request a quote if applicable to your shipment.

Limits of Liability. The maximum liability of transport agent and carriers of shipper cargo, for loss, damage or delay of shipment is $.50 per pound per article. Our quotes/estimates are predicated on this released evaluation. This means that shipper assumes the risk of loss to the extent the items you ship are worth more than this amount. Shipper may wish to obtain cargo insurance for their protection but in any event, neither shipper nor shipper insurance company will have any right of recovery against transport agent or carriers used to transport the cargo for more than $.50 per pound per article.

Rates: All rates are subject to written confirmation, availability and can change at any time. This can affect any shipment but is generally applicable on ocean shipments where a carrier may not have a locally available container on the booked loading date as these are released on a daily, first come, first serve basis. It may also apply to air where the airline has overbooked, cancelled flights or has closed bookings for a specified lane.

Dock to Dock: All truck quotes are for warehouse dock to warehouse dock service unless otherwise stated.

Non-quoted accessorial charges: If you request additional services on the special instructions of your bill of lading which you have neglected to select as an additional service on the quote screen you will be charged additional charges. If you are shipping to a residence or from a residence additional charges will apply as per the residential pick up or delivery fee. Residential deliveries over 50 lbs per piece require a lift gate. If you are requesting the carrier to notify consignee on arrival additional fees may be required. If you are shipping to or from a restricted access site, for example: Construction site, Military Base, Exhibition Site, Hospital, School, you will be charged an additional fee. Please check with your sales person for the additional fees which vary per carrier.

Due care concerning information provided: Charges and transit times provided in estimates/quotes are a product of limited information provided by the shipper, carriers, and third-party rate providers that is may only be valid for cargo shipped on the day that the quote is provided. Due care is made to accurately quote charges, but accuracy is not guaranteed. Numerous factors, including a human error by the shipper, booking agent, carrier or third-party rate provider, can occur in addition to circumstances where the cargo is not precisely or fully described or may require additional packing, handling or insurance to appropriately transport.

Shipper liability for costs: In every case, once the cargo is tendered to a carrier, the shipper bears the responsibility of the amended costs charged against the shipment and providers, booking agents and third-party providers are entitled to enforce their liens against the cargo, including but not limited to enforcement against the shipper, exporter, consignee and importer. In no case is a booking agent, carrier or third-party provider to liable to a shipper, importer, exporter or consignee for any error of estimate, quote or bid, and liability is waived by shipper, consignee, and any other beneficiary of said shipment by the tendering of cargo. The party that tenders the cargo bears all liability and is responsible for properly insuring cargo. Due care is taken by booking agents, carriers and third party providers to provide specified charges, but especially when international service is involved there are charges, fees, duties, taxes and assessments that are not known or that may or not be applicable, or that may be assessed against values determined in destination country by local officials. Cargo not recovered, or not released due to unpaid invoices, incurs $.05 per chargeable lb per day (min $10.00 per day) storage charges and after 30 days may without further notice be disposed of by carrier/warehouse for limitation of damages and recovery of costs.

Known Shipper: If not otherwise stated, this quote presumes that the cargo and shipper for air shipments qualify as "KNOWN" according to the TSA and are listed in the Known Shipper Management System ("KSMS"). If the cargo or shipper are classified as "UNKNOWN" additional charges may apply and/or service may not be available.

Security: For the security of all persons and cargo, all tendered cargo is subject to inspection and search by carrier(s) or lawful authorities at any time.

International Shipments:

Port to Port: Unless otherwise stated, all air and ocean quotes are under CPT Incoterms for Carriage (sea/air) to port of import and do not include any charges that may occur at port of import or thereafter, including devanning, terminal handling charges, inspection, quarantine, arrival notice, BOL or AWB fees, clearing, duty, VAT on-forwarding or final delivery charges.

Destination and import costs on international shipments: It is the responsibility of the shipper and/or consignee to apprise themselves of all import costs, and transport costs even when the booking agent, carrier or third party provider limits their estimate/quote to specified, known charges. Carriers, third-party providers, and agents make a good faith effort to accurately estimate the charges at the time the quote is provided, but charges can change without notice. Especially with international shipments, there can be charges that may apply including but not limited to customs or duty inspections but that may or may not occur or charges assessed in transit or at destination ports or terminals that are payable in the local currency to a local provider. Many of these charges are statutory import fees or regulated port fees applied to all shippers and cargo per local or national tariff. There are also taxes, duties and exemptions that are applicable to some importers/consignees, but not others based on the Visa, tax, or other status held by the importer.

Non quoted destination port charges: Port to Port quotes do not include destination port charges unless specifically identified. destination charges, or sometimes also referred to as local charges, are fees that occur at the destination port of your cargo. Therefore in the logistics industry they are not directly considered as freight charges. The fees cover movement, unpacking, inspection and further administrative tasks that your cargo has to undergo at the port of destination. Terminal handling fees at airports in the USA are typically $50.00. Foreign ocean destination fees are typically $150.00 for the "BOL Fee" plus per cubic meter charges of $50.00 to $150.00.

Non Quoted Canadian charges: By and upon booking the related shipment, Customer agrees to pay the following additional charges, if applicable, which are not included in this Quote: Freight crossing the JFK, YYZ and YUL terminal will have a .02 lb. handling fee applied to your shipment; YYZ and YUL handling fee is only applied on import shipments. Customs Fees - if a third-party broker obligated to border clear fails to do so or if Customer selects FA as its Customs broker, then the following standard charges apply: I.T. Prep Fee/ FA COM In Bond - $45.00; Customs Validation Fee (CVF) - $45.00 plus $10.00 per additional HAWB; Carnet Fee - final rate, which may vary, will be provided by FA's Customs Department upon Customer's tender of the related shipment; Southbound moves originating in Canada and valued under $200.00 by U.S. Customs may be auto cleared which may affect the application of FA's standard Customs charges