Please note the forms and Certificate of Insurance Details below which may be relevant to your shipment. Coverage is not in effect until such time as you have:

  1. completed the applicable online form;

    1. received an emailed quote as to the cost of insurance;

  2. agreed to the cost and requested that we invoice you for the insurance;

  3. paid the premium invoice; and

  4. received the certificate of insurance - example.

If you are anxious to get your shipment moving, then please

  1. complete the online form as soon as possible.

  2. for personal effects shipments, please download this form, print and complete. If you cannot scan or fax to 800-290-4570 then take a high resolution digital photo of each page and email it to the shipping.quotes email address used by customer service. Please note that minimum charge for personal effects policy is $75.00 USD.

Certificate of Insurance Details for:


  1. personal effect insurance form

Admin: online form submissions