Transportation and Shipping Companies

General description of clients and services provided:

    • retail shipping store: website management, sales hotline live answer, email quotes during evening and weekends;

    • indirect air carrier: maintain air carrier database, quote and booking form library, after hours sales and customer service inquiries;

    • domestic truck forwarder: maintain 3PL database, rate quotes, bookings and customer service;

    • local residential moving company: quote, booking and customer service for some out of state shipments and all international air and ocean shipments;

    • manufacturer: in house management of export shipments

    • foreign based transport company: US based management of inbound and outbound traffic.

Rates: Transport Agent bills clients on a per transaction basis for bookings.

Services to shippers are provided using the brand of the particular carrier or shipping company who is the client of Transport Agent. Shippers are the clients of the transportation or shipping company. Shippers are not the clients of Transport Agent. The transportation and shipping companies are the Transportation Agent clients.

Library of shipping information and forms: maintains a library of information for shippers including tools and forms that facilitates the quoting, booking and tracking process. The information and forms can be copied and re-branded by Transport Agent clients or framed within their existing website. Some clients supplement their existing website with a link to various Transport Agent pages or forms.

Confidentiality: Transport Agent does not disclose the identity of it's client shipping or transportation companies, or their clients, without their specific written authorization.