Standard Truck Freight

Standard Freight Truck Service

"Standard Service: is defined as:

    • cargo on a pallet, skid, or in a crate

    • move-able off/onto a dock into/from a full size commercial truck using a single, standard pallet jack;

    • picked up from and delivered to business locations with a full size dock or a forklift and operator to remove the pallet/crate from the tail of the truck;

    • no more than 10 minutes detention time and 5 minutes of load/unload time;

"Accessorial" or Accessory Services include but are not limited to:

    • lift gate truck at pickup or delivery;

    • residential pickup or delivery;

    • inside pickup or delivery

    • non first floor pickup or deliveries;

    • service hours outside of normal business (M-F and 10:00 am - 5:00 pm)

    • boxing, palletizing, crating or any other type of handling for safety of persons or cargo;

    • special access locations, including but not limited to: storage facilities, academic, security controlled location or locations requiring drivers with special registry or clearances, central freight stations (CFS), medical facilitiies, conventions or exhibitions;

    • non-standard service hours