ocean containers

Ocean Containers



Many trucking companies will simply not perform residential service.

Trucking companies that will perform residential service will frequently add a surcharge of $300.00 USD.

Before delivering to a residence the trucking company will check the address and may refuse to deliver a container to that address due to road access or other issues.

The deck of the container will be 48 inches off the ground. It will not a have a ramp. You may want to load a Uhaul truck or Penske or Ryder truck with a lift gate prior to the ocean container arriving and then back up your Penske or Ryder truck and roll the items into the container rather than lifting them 48 inches off the ground.

Storage facilities:

These facilities may restrict where and when you can position a container on their premises, so that other customers are not blocked..

The trucking company may not service storage facilities.

Other storage facilities may accommodate containers. The best ones will have a dock that accommodates the height of the container and will save your loaders a great deal of effort.

You may need to rent a space from a storage company in order to use their facility and/or dock for loading the container.

Residential Moving Companies:

Many have a dock, and will have space from which to transfer your goods from their truck into a container. They are probably not going to let you transfer the items. You will have to pay them for loading your goods into their truck and transferring them into the container.

Trucking terminals:

Generally they will charge a fee of $300.00 to $600.00 for cross docking your goods from a truck into an ocean container. Not all will cross dock non palletized goods. Not all will cross dock personal effects/household goods.

Generally they are not going to allow a private party onto their dock or to use their dock to load. There are too many liability, worker or union issues that can prohibit do-it-yourself loaders.

Rail or Ocean terminal:

You will not be allowed to bring your truck into the terminal yard and I have yet to see a yard operator that will move the container to the side of the road and let you load it. You are going to need a business, residence or storage facility if you want to do it yourself or you will have to pay a trucking terminal that will perform cross docking to do it for you.