LCL Imports

Ocean LCL Imports

Clearing Costs

  • $179.00 Filing of Single Commodity Entry with US Customs;

    • $10.00 per harmonized code for additional commodities;

    • 5% surcharge on any outlays related to clearing and release including:

    • duties based upon the Harmonized Tariff System classification and value;

    • costs of US Customs import bonds;

    • shippers remaining obligations to carriers or terminals;

    • any other assessments requiring payment for the preservation or release of the cargo.

Additional Information on Port to Port Costs:

  • ISF 10+2 filing is required before the origin loading of cargo. If not filed by the originating Forwarder the cost of filing is $49.95 plus the bond outlay and outlay surcharge.

  • Most ocean unloading terminals charge several hundred US Dollars of various destination handling charges.

    • Delivery / Release terminals typically charge $60.00-$75.00 USD

    • After typically 5 free days, storage fees of a minimum of $35.00 per day are collected before release of cargo;

    • If the container is selected for inspection, the a charge of $50.00 plus the fee assessed by the terminal is applied.

Release & Delivery:

    • Upon release and issuance of Delivery Order, importer can collect cargo from terminals open generally from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    • At additional cost, delivery can be arranged by commercial freight truck.

    • Lift gate and residential delivery accessorial services are available to most destination.

All filings with US Customs are submitted by licensed US Customs Brokerages.