JBV Air Consol / Groupage Service


    • party responsible for payment of goods or freight must register with valid ID;

    • all goods purchased in USA must have proof of payment by verifiable financial instrument;

Confirm a rate - rates are based upon:

    • origin address;

    • weight and dimensions of packed cargo;

    • commodity and value;

    • handling, which may include dangerous goods classification;

    • exemplary duties and VAT which may be assessed at destination.

Consol FAQ's:

    • Locations: Lagos, Nigeria; USA

    • Air Lagos Calendar - cutoff dates

    • estimated transit times;

    • tracking;

    • clearing and duty;

    • payments;

    • Locations: Lagos, Nigeria; USA

Consol tracking status: notices are emailed upon departure from USA, arrival at MM-LOS and when available for recovery at office in Ikeja.

Clearing: Duty/VAT

    • General Average duty/clearing rate of $1.49 per chargeable lb;

    • Actual tariff/duty may apply if goods are deemed "exemplary by" Nigerian Customs upon inspection at air terminal.

    • Example: import a $4,500.00 USD instrument, that weighs 20 lbs and has a 20% duty and 5% VAT. Consignee needs to advise the broker of this circumstance before shipping so that when the cargo arrives the broker is prepared to negotiate duty concession if flagged by Nigerian Customs, as this is not likely to go through at General Average rate of $1.50 per lb. As a licensed Customs Broker, Jodphur will work closely with importer on these circumstances.


  • Minimum Consol invoice is for 10 lbs chargeable @ $3.25 per lb, plus duty;

  • At carrier discretion, prepayment can be required, or COD can be permitted;

  • Cargo not paid and collected in 10 business days is deemed property of carrier for disposal.

Recovery and Payment Contact:

Attn: Yinka Adejuwon

Jodphur Business Ventures Ltd.

39 Unity Rd,

Opebi, Ikeja, Nigeria

+234-1-3426977 [ 8:00 - 17:00 ]