Irie Island Cargo - US to Caribbean - Barrels, Boxes and Pallets

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100 USA Origin Cities to 35 different Caribbean Destination Ports:

  • Barrels

      • rates as low as $199.00 per 55 gallon barrel for many origin/destination combinations

      • discounts for additional barrels, boxes and crates

      • plastic, fiberboard or metal (all service is covered from rain)

      • we don't sell barrels - here is where to buy cheap barrels

    • Boxes, Tubs, Crates

      • rates based upon minimum of 10 CFT, as low as $14.95 per CFT

      • cardboard, plastic, metal and wood

      • information on inexpensive quality boxes and tubs

      • maximum weight of 149 lbs and 7 cubic feet per piece

    • Pallets or Crates -

      • spot quotes against total weight and cubic feet

    • where to find acceptable pallets or crates

      • charges are against the palletized dimensions. Density factor may apply.

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