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IMPORT / EXPORT SERVICES (required reading for all parties REQUESTING A RATE or with interest in an import or export)

Import / Export consultation services include:

    • formation and review of packing list,

    • drafting of an/or review of a conforming international commercial invoice;

    • clarification of the International Commerce Terms (INCOTERMS) being offered by the seller

    • estimated of import duty / tariff of a single harmonized product code;

    • review of and/or assistance in preparation of the Bill of Landing (BOL) or Air Waybill (AWB);

    • Importer Security Filing ("ISF") or Automated Export System ("AES") worksheet review and/or preparation;

    • Shipper Letter of Instructions or booking form review and/or preparation

    • review of transportation rate estimates costs and routing

    • review of insurance options

Import management services include:

    • ISF filing

    • customs clearing (USA)

    • collection and processing payment of:

      • carrier destination fees;

      • terminal handling charges;

      • demurrage;

      • penalties;

      • inspections;

      • delivery order;

      • duty/VAT;

      • courier and documentation fees;

    • obtaining three estimates/rates of trucking services for removal of cargo from air or ocean import terminals and delivery to final destination;

    • obtaining three estimates/rates for interior delivery, unpacking and removal of debris.

*** ISF filing and customs clearing service under import management, presumes the cargo is consigned to Baggage & Freight LLC an US Customs bonded importer. If not consigned to Baggage and Freight LLC, a separate entry bond fee will apply.