Household Goods / Personal Effects / Residential Moving

Options: (lowest cost/fastest to highest cost/slowest)

terminal to terminal freight: shipper drops off boxed, palletized, or crated goods off at terminal and recovers from terminal. Includes the following type of terminals/shipments:

  • USA and Canadian truck terminals; 100+ lbs, next to 7 day transit time

  • air freight terminals; 100+ lbs, 3-10 day transit time

  • ocean port terminals (less than container load consolidations); 500 + lbs 3 - 10 week transit time

  • air express facilities. 10+ lbs, next to 7 day transit time

door to door freight: lift gate pickup from curb/driveway, or storage facility delivery to curb/driveway of boxed, palletized, crated goods. Includes the following type of terminals/shipments:

  • USA and Canadian residential truck service;

  • air freight from residences in the USA to foreign air terminals;

  • USA ocean port terminal service including USA truck pickup from residence, to foreign ocean port terminal (foreign door delivery of household goods is arranged by consignee or foreign terminal);

  • air express service from door USA to door international, includes clearing but not VAT or DUTY which is generally not applicable for HHG/PE household goods, personal effects.

full service, door to door moves: (options)

  • includes packing and loading at residence or storage facility;

  • cost of packing and loading may exceed the costs of transport;

  • expect to pay higher retail price for packing supplies than do it yourself and minimum hourly labor rate of $100.00 per hour for packing and loading;

  • generally, movers wait until they have a full load going to a certain region or along a route before sending the truck out, may take 30+ days to transport;


  • shipper boxes most cargo, terminal supplies palletizing and/or crate

  • shipper hires local service as found on www.craigslist.com [labor/move] to pack, load and/or deliver to terminal; craiglist providers are frequently moonlighters who have worked for full service moving companies.