FCL Imports

Ocean FCL / RORO Imports

Clearing Costs

  • $295.00 Filing of Single Commodity Entry with US Customs;

    • $10.00 per harmonized code for additional commodities;

    • 5% surcharge on any outlays related to clearing and release including:

    • duties based upon the Harmonized Tariff System classification and value;

    • costs of US Customs import bonds;

    • shippers remaining obligations to carriers or terminals;

    • any other assessments requiring payment for the preservation or release of the cargo.

    • $100.00 USD clearing fee surcharge for personal effects and/or vehicles.

Additional Information on Port to Port Costs:

  • ISF 10+2 filing is required before the origin loading of cargo. If not filed by the originating Forwarder the cost of filing is $69.95 plus the bond outlay and outlay surcharge.

  • Most ocean unloading terminals charge several hundred US Dollars of various destination handling charges.

    • Delivery / Release terminals typically charge $60.00-$75.00 USD

    • After typically 5 free days, storage fees of a minimum of $35.00 per day are collected before release of cargo;

    • If the container or vehicle is selected for inspection, importer is responsible for additional trucking and inspection costs that may exceed $2,000.00

Release & Delivery:

    • Upon receipt of fees and reimbursement for outlays, clearing agent issues a Delivery Order to the recipient/importer.

    • Unless otherwise agreed, importer is responsible for the collection, unloading and return of container under the carrier terms and conditions of the governing Master Bill of Lading.

All filings with US Customs are submitted by licensed US Customs Brokerages.