FCL - Full Service Moving

Basic Components of a Full Service Residential Move: (20-40 ft containers)

    • basic packing - as in boxing clothing or books;

    • specialty packing - items of higher value, size or fragility such a pianos, furniture, paintings in accordance with international standards;

    • preparation of the Inventory of Effects, and Shipper Letter of Instructions;

    • preparation and filing of Insurance Policy

    • removal of goods from the residence into a container or to a warehouse where the goods can be trans-loaded into a container

  • booking the container with the vessel; then booking a drayage truck to arranging the pickup of the container from a rail/truck yard, and transporting it to the loading address and then returning it to the vessel by truck/rail after loading;

    • loading and then locking/bracing of cargo;

    • export documentation;

    • management of export Customs Inspections;

    • retaining a Customs Broker for filing for entry of goods into destination country;

    • receipt of arrival notice;

    • arranging for any required import Customs inspections;

    • paying destination fees to vessel, port, and destination customs;

    • arranging for destination drayage/trucking;

    • unloading at final residence or storage facility;

    • unpacking, assembly and setup;

    • insurance claims.


    • Full service - estimates are typically $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 from full service moving companies, depending upon origin/destination, time of year, value of cargo / specialty of packing and loading.

    • Do it yourself - cost of trucking and ocean freight for 20/40 ft container from many USA addresses to foreign port is as little as $5,000.00

    • Many shippers are capable of their own packing, loading, arrange for their own insurance policy, self clear at destination port, pay destination fees and then hire a truck and labor for final delivery.

    • We can refer customers to local providers who will negotiate services and fees while the container is at sea. Generally the rates for destination services, are lower when negotiated with local providers while the container is at sea.

    • Local providers are often the same ones that the full service companies use.