All cargo is subject to search and inspection at any time by any carrier or government entity of appropriate jurisdiction.

SHIPPER and CONSIGNEE are responsible for reviewing all posted terms and conditions of transport, limitations to carrier liability and details on quotes and rates.

Requesting a quote, booking or tendering of cargo is deemed informed consent by shipper and consignee of all posted terms and conditions of rates, quotes, transport, and limitations of carrier liability and authorizes Transport Agent or Transport Agent, Carriers or Agents, to prepare any import or export documents, accept any documents relating to said shipment and forward this shipment in accordance with the conditions of carriage of the carriers employed

Shipper is responsible for the accuracy of all estimated weights and measures. Hereafter the sole responsibility of the Company is to use reasonable care in the use of carriers, forwarders, agents and others to whom it may entrust the shipment.

The Shipper and Consignee guarantee payment of all collect charges in the event the consignee refuses payment or acceptance of the cargo and Chase Ingersoll personally is to act as Plaintiff in Washtenaw County, Michigan Circuit Court or any other court of competent jurisdiction for the collection of any unpaid invoice or other damages related to the shipment.

NOT ALLOWED WITHOUT SPECIFIC WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION OF CARRIER: Aerosols, Air Bags, Alcoholic Beverages or other items containing alcohols such as perfumes or disinfectants, Ammunition, Cigarettes, Dry Ice, Explosives FLAMMABLES including paints and primers, marijuana poison, or any other item regulated as Dangerous Goods such as products containing lithium batteries. In accordance with the laws of the United States of America and other jurisdictions, for the protection of persons and property,

Link to information on restricted or prohibited goods and their allowable modes of transport.