EXPORT CONSULTATIONS save time, money and stress.

Least Cost Routing Analysis (LCRA) of qualified carriers:

    • truck options from origin to air or ocean port, or inland crossing port;

    • if air, an airport to airport analysis of multiple carriers rates

    • if ocean, a port to port analysis of multiple carriers rates and estimated transit times

Review of and/or drafting of required export documentation prior to LCRA:

  • Packing List;

  • Commercial Invoice and review of a single harmonized product code;

  • North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) form;

  • Automated Export System (AES) worksheet;

  • Certificate of Origin (COO);

  • Shipper Letter of Instructions (SLI);

Benefits of this service: verified rate, information to accurately compare rates and negotiate for lowest rates, efficient booking and export process.


Inapplicable rates: The rate a shipper thinks is applicable is often not applicable and a higher rate applies when a completed Packing List, Commercial Invoice and Shipper Letter of Instructions are submitted to the carrier. Our consultation process first involves completing the documentation, and then sending that document set to the carrier and asking them to confirm that the rate they are offering is specifically applicable to the cargo described in the packing list, commercial invoice and letter of instruction.

Backup options: Carriers rates are always subject to the availability of space and equipment and every important shipment should have a second and third routing and carrier options.

Stressful situations: Many shippers experience pre-departure notices from carriers or customs authorities, advising of delays, fees and fines of Thousands of Dollars due to incomplete information on the export documentation. A thorough consultation and completion of documentation prior and submission of completed documentation to carrier with request to confirm the rates, generally avoids these situations.

Execution of Notarized Commercial Invoices, Certificate of Origins, Internal Transaction Number filings, EIN or Export ID registrations have fees ranging from $25.00 to $95.00 depending on the service provider and are applicable depending on the cargo particulars identified in the Packing List and Commercial Invoice.