Consolidation Services

Rates are based upon chargeable weight:

  • $3.00 per parcel plus $.10 per lb for receiving, weight and dimension audit, add to shipper manifest and store for 2 weeks until released for shipping

    • $.50 per chargeable lb reduced to repack to reduce chargeable weight

    • $2.00 per parcel, plus $.25 for verification of each item listed on packing list;

    • $1.00 per day, for holding parcels beyond the initial 14 days from receiving;

    • $35.00 export documentation fee for any regulated commodity or commodity with value greater than $2,500.00 USD;

    • parcels of greater than 70 lbs of chargeable weight are issued a $10.00 oversize fee;

    • pallets crates, or parcels of greater than 150 lbs chargeable are considered "freight" and are assessed an in and out cross dock fee of $50.00 for receiving in and $50.00 for releasing out for standard 48.40.60 inch pallet of not more than 1000 lbs.

    • $25.00 + .$05 per chargeable lb for export palletization

    • $10.00 lithium battery labeling;

    • special packing, crating, and dangerous goods services are available upon request

Trucking, Ocean and Air Freight are available upon request.

Consolidation location of parcels and freight are only provided to registered customers. This is for the security of the cargo.

Rates for inbound and outbound trucking, ocean and air services for parcels and freight are available by quote.

Chargeable weight is the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight of 13 lbs per cubic foot for parcels and 10.4 lbs per cubic foot for freight.