Barrels - getting them picked up

Pickup up of barrels

    • we generally use commercially licensed interstate trucks that are a minimum of 26 ft

    • our commercial trucking contracts / drivers have surcharges for residential pickups;

    • residential pickups in our trucks of pieces as large as a barrel (not dish barrel boxes) will require a lift gate truck;

    • our lift gate trucks are not equipped with barrel dollies to safely enable a single driver to safely load a barrel.

Most affordable options:

    • ship the cargo in UHAUL Dish Barrel boxes, that solidly handle 70 lbs in the 5.25 cubic feet, for our low Cubic Foot Rate

    • drop the dish barrels off at a terminal or in some cases a nearby FedEx Office;

    • rent a Uhaul van for $19.95 plus mileage and drop of the barrels;

    • friend with van, SUV or pickup truck;

    • search "craigslist services labor moving + name of your city" for local drivers with a van, SUV or pickup truck who will drop of for a $20-$50 fee

Other options:

  • palletize - free pallets can generally be found on your local Craigslist "craigslist free pallets + name of your city"

    • our commercial trucks with lift gates and pallet jacks can pickup crates and any items that are placed on pallets.

    • a commercial lift gate pickup from a residence usually has a cost of $275.00 for that service alone. Then you have the cost of the ocean freight. So this is really only practical if you have unique cargo or a shipment of more than 50 cubic feet.

    • Please let us know the number of barrels or number of boxes and estimated weight and dimensions of your boxes and we can advise you on what might be the least cost, most convenient option for you.