Barrels & Caribbean Shipments

QTE - Quoting

  • Quote Request numbers (all types of shipments) open this page and enter the 2 alpha state and ISO Country Code, $Initials and email (cell if no email) of the shipper from quote form below or from the email request (private)

    • BRL - quote form submissions -

      • enter the Quote # used - number only, not other details.

      • Select your $ID

      • Select the nearest origin terminal (column head is a link to map) enter city, state into maps search to spot map at shippers location/city, state and then scroll back. Trucks are add on terminals. Boats are Ocean terminal.

      • If the nearest location is a truck terminal then use the Add on Truck Terminal Rate and Main Terminal -BRL rate for Detroit/Ann Arbor/Romulus

      • If there is a closer Ocean Freight terminal than use it's rate and no Add on Truck Rate

      • Enter the rates into the appropriate columns.

      • Copy the completed record and paste it into LINE #2

    • QTE - BRL Caribbean tab - proof read your quote

      • there should not be any yellow highlighted fields

      • confirm the quote#, and your $ID

      • double check the per barrel price. If you are unsure copy the quote from the quote number through the Destination Port and post it in the group WhatsApp so that we can promptly check

BKG - Irie Island Bookings



    • map of origins, map of destinations