Booking a Shipment

The BOOKING FORM / PACKING LIST is a Google Sheet (copy-able sample). If we have not already shared it with you, please email your request for it. If for any reason you are not able to open it or fill it out the below information can be sent via email. If you already have a Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Shipper Letter of Instructions or Draft Bill of Lading, you can email those as attachments in lieu of redoing the information in an email .

The one exception is drop off ship dates and any required delivery dates. Those are not usually specified on packing lists or commercial invoices, so please address those requirements in your email.

1. drop off date: Monday - Friday that you will drop off cargo;

2. drop off time: an approximate time between 10 am and 4 pm (some facilities offer longer weekday hours) if you are going to drop off the cargo so that we can notify the facility prior to your arrival;

3. pickup time range: generally pickups are between the hours of noon and 5:00 pm;

4. complete origin or shipper address, phone and name of person and business if applicable (this is required even if a terminal or port drop);

5. complete destination or recipient address, names, phone numbers and email addresses (even if the recipient is picking up from a terminal or port);

6. description of the commodity and the total value;

7. estimated weight and dimensions of the packed shipping units. Packed shipping unit is what the carrier picks up or receives at their terminal - loose unpacked pieces or equipment, boxes, cases, pallets, crates or other. If we are picking up a pallet for example we do not need the individual weight of the pieces, boxes or drums on the pallet, only the total estimated weight and dimensions of the each pallet is necessary.

Phone / Fax: 888-260-3783 / 800-290-4570

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