Booking - Barrels or other Caribbean Shipments

Our online Booking Form is optimized for mobile phone use, but please note the following:

  • Complete legal addresses and phone numbers will be needed for:

    • the shipper / exporter

    • the recipient / importer

    • The shipper / exporter will need to provide an ID number (SSN, DL, or Passport number, or EIN if business);

    • If this is a multiple piece, multi-commodity shipment a formal packing list and/or commercial invoice may be required. In that case we will draft that from what you submit and then collect the remaining details from you.

    • Please have your quote number in format ######-## at the top of your quote to enter into the booking so that we invoice you, consistent with the quote number.

    • Even if you have previously shipped with us, please request a quote for this shipment, if you have not already done so that you have a written notice of updated rates and information.

    • Please be ready to state a value of your cargo if you require insurance.

    • Insurance terms and conditions are posted for your review.

    • Please note that tracking and estimating arrival times are two of the most frustrating experiences for shippers/recipients. Vessel transit can experience all sorts of delays and changes to vessel loading schedules that are rarely experience in truck or air transit.

Booking Form

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