aft quote details

AFT (Air Cargo / Freight) Rate Details

Type of cargo:

  • cargo must be packed in appropriate shipping boxes, luggage or cases;

  • chargeable weight is based up palletized or crated weight;

  • rate is valid for non hazmat / not dangerous goods cargo. Rate is not valid for cargo containing batteries;

  • rate is not valid for any other prohibited or regulated cargo requiring special license at origin, destination or by transport company;

Services included in above rate and stipulation:

    • chargeable weight based upon the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight of each piece, assessed at 10.4 lbs per cubic foot;

  • rate as provided may include trucking transfer from truck/air terminal in a city or metro area specified in the quote to actual uplift or export air terminal;

  • export documentation for non regulated commodities of less than $2,500.00 USD value;

  • transit times vary. typical international airport to airport bookings have a transit time of 2-9 days, after final cargo screening;

  • origin terminal charges

Not included in the rate is any service not specified above, but more particularly:

  • pickup from business or residence unless specifically states as "from door" and "from residence"

    • insurance, typically based upon commodity and lane @ $1.49 per declared $100.00 value;

    • ***does not include hazmat or dangerous goods which may include lithium batteries, flammables (perfumes); aerosols, etc.*** ;

    • Dangerous Goods handling fees or other surcharges including those for lithium batteries;

    • AES / ITN filing when required by US Customs @$35.00 USD;

    • Export/Import inspections by governing authorities or carrier inspections while in transit;;

    • Fumigation that may be required by country of import/export;

    • destination terminal handling charges;

    • Duties, Excise Taxes and VAT where applicable.

The offering is subject to:

    • acceptance of commodity by carrier and governing jurisdictions;

    • availability of equipment and drivers;

    • valid for 7 calendar days from issuance;

    • a booking confirmation issued upon approval of shippers completed packing list/inventory of effects and commercial/pro forma invoice

    • other terms and conditions that may be issued by the carrier or provider from time to time.

    • general terms and conditions published at: