Accessorial Services

Accessorial or Accessory to Standard Trucking Services

Standard freight truck service is defined as:

  • cargo placed on a pallet or skid, or in a crate that can be moved off a dock into a truck, and then back off a truck onto a dock by use of single pallet jack;

l shipping/receiving docks that are open during regular weekday hours.

Below are some typical services with standard fees. Where not stated the fee must be quoted from a completed Packing List with a detailed description of the cargo and location access. Other fees are applica out of arrea

Estimated Costs of and costs that may be incurred:

    • lift gate service origin - $85.00

    • lift gate service destination - $85.00

    • residential pickup service - $95.00

    • residential delivery service - $95.00

    • pallet and wrap (export rated) - $.95 per cubic foot $50.00 minimum

    • inside pickup or delivery (beyond thresh-hold of business or residence) QUOTE

    • non first floor pickup or deliveries; QUOTE

    • pickup or delivery requiring other quoted services QUOTE

    • service hours outside of normal business (M-F and 10:00 am - 5:00 pm) $250.00