Quotes for Parcels and Freight (domestic and international)

Before using the parcel or freight quote online QUOTE FORM, please have the minimum amount of information available:
  • country, origin city and state, or postal code
  • type of origin address, such as residence or warehouse
  • country, destination city and state, or postal code;
  • type of destination address, such as residence or warehouse
  • estimated number of parcels or if a freight shipment, the estimated pallets, drums or crates
  • the estimated total weight and cubic feet;  
  • the estimated value
  • description of the commodity being shipped such as personal effects, engine block, electronics, athletic equipment, etc
  • estimate of the date you need to ship

  • international postal code or state for a destination or origin may not be known, but an estimated rate can be issued for that county if the city or a major metro area is specified;
  • the accuracy of a quote is better if the shipper provides a complete address and actual weight and dimensions of each packed shipping unit
  • completed Sample Packing ListPacking List with instructions
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