Packing List Proper Description of Goods & Links to Prohibited Goods Info

Dangerous Goods by Transport Mode:  Trucking, Air Transport, Ocean Transport 

Examples of acceptable and unacceptable descriptions of goods
Agricultural productsOranges, Fish, Rice, Bread
Aid consignmentsBlankets, Medications
AnimalsHorse, Poultry, Bovine
ApparelMen’s Shirts, Lingerie, Girls’ Vests, Boys’, Jackets
AppliancesRefrigerator, Stove, Microwave Oven, Coffee Machines
Auto PartsAutomobile Brakes, Windshield Glass for Automobiles
CapsPlastic Caps
Chemicals, hazardousActual Chemical Name (not brand name)
Chemicals, non-hazardousActual Chemical Name (not brand name)
Cleaning productsAlcohol, Detergents
Consolidated(See other specific examples in the table)
Didactic articlesPencils, Smart boards, Books
ElectronicsComputers, televisions, CD Players, Walkmans, Tape Recorders, Mobile phones, Monitors, Printers
EquipmentOil Well Equipment, Poultry Equipment
FAK Freight All Kinds(See other specific examples in the table)
FoodstuffsBeverages, (See other examples for "Agricultural products")
General Cargo(See other specific examples in the table)
GiftsDolls, Remote Control Cars
Household goodsPlates, Dishes, Tableware (See also examples for "appliances")
Industrial products(See examples for "Electronics")
Iron and SteelIron Pipes, Steel Pipes, Iron Building Material, Steel Building Material
I.T. goods(See examples for "Electronics")
Leather ArticlesSaddles, Leather Handbags, Leather Jackets
Machine partsPumps, Seals, Engines
MachineryMetal Working Machinery, Cigarette Making Machinery, Sewing Machines, Printing Machines
Machines(See examples for "Machinery")
OilMineral oil, Plant oil
OreIron ore, Copper ore
Parts(See examples for "Machine parts")
Personal effects(See other specific examples in the table)
PipesPlastic Pipes, Steel Pipes, Copper Pipes
Plastic GoodsPlastic Kitchenware, Plastic House ware
PolyurethanePolyurethane Threads, Polyurethane Medical Gloves
Propellant(See examples for "chemicals")
Rubber ArticlesRubber Hoses, Rubber Conveyor Belts
RodWelding Rod, Fuel rod, Copper rod
Said to Contain(See other specific examples in the table)
Sanitary goodsTowels, Buckets, Detergents, Tooth brushes
ScrapPlastic Scrap, Foam Scrap, Iron Scrap
Spare parts(See examples for "Machine parts")
TextilesLinen fabric, T-shirts, (See also examples for "Apparel")
ToolsHand tools, Electric tools
Toys(See examples for "gifts")
Various products(See other specific examples in the table)
VehiclesBoats, Cars, Bicycles
WeaponsDaggers, Machine guns
WiresIron and Steel Wire, Copper Wires
Wooden articlesWooden furniture, Wooden kitchen utensils