LTL (Truck Freight - less than truckload) Rate Details

Type of cargo:
  • cargo must be packed in appropriate shipping boxes, luggage or cases;
  • chargeable weight is based upon the palletized or crated weight and dimensions;
  • rate is valid for non hazmat / not dangerous goods cargo.  Rate is not valid for cargo containing batteries;
  • rate is not valid for any other prohibited or regulated cargo requiring special license at origin, destination or by transport company;
Additional services and costs that may be incurred and are not included in above rate unless specified as included: 
  • lift gate service origin - $75.00  
  • lift gate service destination - $75.00
  • residential pickup service - $69.00  
  • residential delivery service - $69.00
  • pallet and wrap - $.95 per cubic foot $50.00 minimum
  • inside pickup or delivery (beyond thresh-hold of business or residence);
  • pickup or delivery requiring stairs;
  • other quoted services;
  • packing, palletizing or crating of loose cargo or cargo not sufficiently packed for it's own protection or protection of other cargo in transit;
  • service hours outside of normal business (M-F and 10:00 am - 5:00 pm)
  • new commercial merchandise - $.35 per $100.00 value ($35.00 policy minimum)
  • used commercial merchandise - $.55 per $100.00 value ($55.00 policy minimum)
  • artwork or fragile goods - $1.50 per $100 value ($125.00 minimum policy)
  • personal effects / household goods $2.75 per $100 value ($95.00 minimum policy)
  • if insurance policy is not paid by shipper, carrier liability for cargo damage or loss is limited to $.60 per lb.
The offering is subject to:
  • acceptance of commodity by carrier and governing jurisdictions;
  • availability of equipment and drivers;
  • valid for 7 calendar days from issuance;
  • a booking confirmation issued upon approval of shippers completed packing list/inventory of effects and commercial/pro forma invoice
  • other terms and conditions that may be issued by the carrier or provider from time to time.
  • general terms and conditions published at: