For letters or shipment of parcels under 1 lbs we recommend the following providers who offer, walk in, retail service in 1000's of locations:
  • FedEx; 
  • UPS;
  • DHL; and 
  • US Postal Service.
Generally, our rates offer savings over the above providers in the following cases:
  • international shipments of more than 10 charge-able lbs;
  • domestic shipments of pieces that exceed the weight or dimensions limitations of the above providers
  • single or multi-piece shipments where the total weight exceeds 100 lbs.
  • we can also provide crating, handling, scheduled deliveries, palletization and other services not provided by the above;
  • to some African and Caribbean destination we offer special services, such as barrel or consolidation service not offered by FedEx, UPS, DHL or US Postal Service.