Chargeable Weight Notice

Chargeable Weight Definition  (chargeable weight calculator)

The greater of the actual weight or dimensional/volumetric weight.

Actual Weight definition:  total weight of all the cargo pieces, including packing materials, such as, but not limited to pallet and crating materials. 

Dimensional or Volumetric Weight definition:  total cubic foot of shipping unit multiplied by by the dimensional weight factor

Examples of cubic foot Volume calculations:   (1728 is the total number of inches in a cubic foot)
    • parcel of 28.18.18 inches = (28*18*18) / 1728  =  5.25 cubic ft = round up to 6 cubic feet
    • barrel or drum of 23.23.35 inches = (23*23*35) / 1728 = 10.71 cubic ft, round up to 11 cubic feet
    • LED TV @60.9.36H inches wrapped to a  48.40.5 inch wood pallet = (60*40*41H) / 1728 = 57 cubic feet.  Note the overhang on the pallet to 60 inch length of TV, width of pallet @40 inches and height of pallet 5 inches, plus height of television to result in 60 inches of length, 40 inches of width and 41 inches of height
Dimensional Weight Factors:
  • Ground or Express or courier parcels as typically shipped by FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS are assessed a dimensional weight factor of 12.5 lbs per cubic foot
  • Freight or shipments where the cargo is palletized for air, ocean or ground transport is typically assessed a dimensional weight factor of 10.4 lbs per cubic foot provides email, text and telephone customer service support for transportation companies.   Transport Agents are cross-trained to quote, book and track multi-modes of transport on numerous carrier and third party systems.

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