Barrel / Drum Pickups in the USA 

USA lift gate trucks that perform residential pickups are equipped with a box dolly and pallet jack

The trucks are not equipped with a barrel or drum dolly necessary to move a barrel from a residence, garage, onto a lift gate and then move it inside the truck.   

Most drivers, if they see an unpalletized barrel will just drive away and bill $149.00 for a missed pickup.   In some cases they might allow the shipper to roll the barrel onto their lift gate. OR ROLL IT ONTO THEIR PALLET JACK.   But it just depends on the driver.  And, if won't and still drives away, he will still send an invoice for a missed pickup.

Some barrels / drums as in this photo that cannot be picked up even with a drum dolly.   

These drums are often a few dollars cheaper than the lock top steel, plastic or fiberboard.  But don't really work.